Next Generation is taking part in a new council scheme that rewards us and our community for recycling more. The more our area recycles, the more the council will put into a fund of up to £1500.

This money will go to Next Generation to create recycling facilities at Lightwaves Leisure Centre.

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There are two ways you can help add to the fund:

1. Just increase how much you recycle in your bin and box.

2. Fill in a quick survey to tell us what you think about recycling. It only takes five minutes and for every completed survey, the council will add an extra 10p into the fund for Next Generation’s new community recycling zone.

Each household can fill out one survey. If every house in the community fills out a survey, it could add up to £250 to the prize fund.

There are two ways you can fill out a survey:

Online: visit and select Wakefield Centre North. The follow the online instructions.

In Person: fill in your survey at: Lightwaves Leisure Centre, Lower York Street, Marsh Way, Wakefield, WF1 3LJ


For more information about community rewards, contact 0845 8506 506.

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