Also discussed was the planning application for 15 College Grove Road. The proposed development is for 10 bedsits. By general consensus it was felt that the proposed development was unsuitable for the type of house, the character of the surrounding area and the specific location. The number of people that could be expected to live in the newly developed property is too high and would cause too many problems with noise, overcrowded living conditions and access to outdoor space, parking, traffic/ pedestrian safety, wheelie bins and waste. Based on our experiences in the area, also increases in anti-social behaviour and crime (already considerable) could be expected.

Going back to 2012, we have asked the Council to apply an Article 4 direction for the College Grove/Pinderfields area, like Leeds, licensing scheme for Multiple Occupancy (bedsits) and Landlord Accreditation, to manage the distribution of this kind of housing to improve the quality of living, and to stop people from moving away. With the problem ever encroaching it is felt that it would be good to look at this again.