Bar Lane meeting Thursday 11 June 6.30pm at Lightwaves

A letter has been received from the Planning Department in which a substantial change to the site off Bar Lane is announced:

“It now includes the whole of the top of the rugby field. I thought a junior soccer league used that space. There won’t be any green space left soon.

I presume this must be with WGSF agreement but do you have any contact with them who might confirm this? Does Mid Yorks Trust own the land or is it a national body?

Comments have to be in by 15 June so could you circulate a message asking people to object.

The new site and location plans can be seen on the planning website. Put in Bar Lane, it comes up top of the search, then associated documents and it’s the layout plan dated 4/6/15.”

We haven’t heard back from the Grammar School Foundation about their position in this, yet, but will follow this up. We thought it might be good to have a meeting on Thursday 11 June, 6.30pm at Lightwaves to have a look at and discuss the plans, and our responses to it. We will also invite someone from the planning department to attend the meeting.